Taiji Wisdom and Training Tips

Put in the work and the understanding will naturally come.

Taiji is something that adds so much to the life of anyone who trains it diligently. It’s very common for Taiji practitioners to say the more they develop it the more they love it. Sign up below to get notified from time to time of videos and articles that will help your understanding and mindset around what Taiji is and how to approach it. Often directly from Sifu Adam Mizner himself. Check back here for the latest tips and wisdom that will enlighten your training and guide you in the right direction. 

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Melbourne Training

It was wonderful to get over to Melbourne to do some training with Paul, Sifu's 12 year disciple. His skill and sensitivity is so high that he was able to make subtle corrections [...]

Part Horses Mane

VIDEO. Here is Sifu Adam Mizner demonstrating a few of the many possible applications of the 'Part Horses Mane' movement from the Taiji form. It is important to note that the efficacy of [...]

Andy Mack Push Hands

Andy Mack Push Hands VIDEO. In martial arts it is often said that the skill of a teacher is judged by the ability of their students. Here you can see Adam Mizner's disciple [...]

The Couch TV Demo

VIDEO. Heaven Man Earth Perth instructor Julius Lutero with students Brett and Ash appearing on The Couch TV show with Fred Mafrica being interviewed by Paul Elwin about all things Taiji including the [...]

Single Whip

VIDEO. A nice and clear instruction from Sifu on Single Whip and the multiple uses that are inside each part of the movement.

Song Gong 1

VIDEO. Detailed step by step instruction for Song Gong 1 from Sifu Adam Mizner. I highly recommend Sifu Adam's online course. It releases a video each week taking you from beginner to having [...]

Stretch Or Compress

Stretch Or Compress Here Sifu Adam Mizner gives us some insight into the value of stretching or compressing your opponent before trying to direct them. [...]

Prague Awakening!

Prague Awakening! With Adam Mizner at the 7 Day Prague Intensive Taiji Training Camp. After attending an amazing 7 day Taiji Quan training [...]

Why Taiji ???

Why Taijiquan? Great question! Taiji is actually a martial art that dates back some 1500 years. Its is based on the Taoist principles of Yin Yang from the I Ching – The Book [...]

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