Holistic Approach


To achieve harmony of Yin and Yang, one must train all aspects of the Taiji system.

Taijiquan is a traditional Chinese martial art that cultivates our spiritual path and along the way allows us to develop specialised skills and abilities by unifying and building our Qi. The methods used include Opening Exercises, Standing postures, Song Gong,  Taiji Form, Push Hands, 8 Energies of Taiji, Martial Art Applications and many other specific training exercises as you develop.

The Standing, Song Gong and Form are trained to develop our posture, alignment and internal power whilst sinking the Qi. The partner training develops adaptability, following and sticking skills and serve as a feedback to continually refine and improve your personal training. The partner training is fun and engaging; and is done in a relaxed, controlled way so it’s safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Jibengong includes all of the fundamental exercises that are done to loosen the joints and cultivate release in the body; whilst developing some of the core principles needed later for the martial application of Taijiquan. These are very healing exercises and over time can alleviate many ailments by releasing tension that has been accumulated in the body over many years.

Standing Postures are done daily to sink the Qi and are fundamental to the path of Taiji. People generally hold a lot of tension throughout the body which can cause stiffness and eventually ill health. By sinking the Qi we release that tension allowing our posture to become more correct and stable facilitating better health and circulation. And it organises the body internally so we can eventually direct Qi in healing and martial art applications.

Taiji Form is a sequence of continuous movements done to mobilise the Qi throughout the body. And to harmonise the many different expressions of Yin and Yang internally and externally. It also contains and develops the famous 8 energies of Taiji which are the cornerstones of effective Taijiquan martial art application. It feels great; and completing and refining it is a very rewarding achievement. 

Push Hands is the partner training application that embodies all of the previous skills. It consists of many different partner drills starting from simple to more complex which develop the skills of Stick, Adhere, Join, Follow, and how to apply the 8 energies of Taijiquan effectively. It’s very good for your internal health while also being an inspiring and rewarding challenge that bears much fruit when approached with diligence and sincerity.

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“Even with a million dollars you can never buy Taiji skill. It’s something that must be cultivated little by little each day. That’s why it is very special;
it can only be earned and once earned can never be taken from you.”

Julius Lutero - Heaven Man Earth Perth