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Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International is dedicated to the propagation of authentic Yang style Taijiquan. With training methods to achieve one’s goals in the health, martial and spiritual aspects of Taijiquan.

The basic body skills, chi gong, forms, weapon training, pushing hands and fighting skills are drawn from two Yang style lineages making what we consider to be one of the most complete and authentic Yang style transmissions available today.

Adam Mizner has trained extensively with a number of masters from both the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage and the Yang Shao Hou lineage and transmits the outer system and the inner technologies of these systems in a pure and direct way in a direct transmission as a 7th generation Yang style Tai Chi Chuan teacher.

As the system is taught, students work first through the Huang Sheng Shyan system as a direct doorway into the internal. The technology heavily focuses on developing song and ting and the total abandonment of external force or li.

If and when students achieve proficiency in the methods above then one graduates to work on the Yang Shao Hou system which is considered the oldest form of Yang family Taijiquan available today. The outer forms and inner technologies learned at this stage teach the student to work with his/her already highly developed internals in a new and more complex method. The training is much more demanding and difficult and basically unachievable without achievement in the previous material.

The union of these training methods into one progressive system, under the skilled guidance of Adam Mizner, produces an extremely deep and complete system of authentic Yang style Taijiquan. In our experience this alive system produces results unmatched anywhere else, leading the student from beginner to entering the true door of the internal and right through to the higher mysteries of Taijiquan.

Yang Style Taiji Sword Form

Perth Instructor:

My Taiji Path

Hi I’m Julius Lutero. It all started 19 years ago from a very interesting article I read about Taiji before I even knew what it was. 2 weeks later I found myself beginning to learn under Master Fu Sheng Yuan, a lineage holder of Yang family Taiji. His father Fu Zhong Wen was a student of the famous Yang Cheng Fu. In my 7 years of diligent study under Master Fu I learned Yang style form, sword, sabre (broadsword), push hands and fa jin. I became a disciple of his. Sadly he has now passed on.

I was always interested in learning more about how to use the fighting skills of Taiji Quan which eventually gravitated me towards training with my second teacher; Master Rocky Kwong, who specialised in Wu Style Taiji fighting applications and push hands. I trained with Rocky for 3 and a half years studying form, technical exercises, punching, fighting applications and push hands. This was a wonderful learning curve, and very satisfying learning how to respond to different punches and how to move and punch with speed and power.

Due to wanting to compete in Push Hands competitions the next step of my path led me to Master Chen Zhonghua; lineage holder for Chen Style Practical Method. With the form and foundation exercises being the solo training aspects of this style, Practical Method has a strong focus on Push Hands which in their style is largely a form of competitive wrestling, with take downs (etc.) being the objective. I also spent 3 and a half years studying this method.

I then came full circle back to Yang Style and what truly fascinated me about Taiji in the first place : the 8 energies of Taiji, cultivating Qi, expressing Jin, 4 ounces overcomes 1000 pounds, etc. and I found my home and new Taiji family in studying and then becoming a teacher under Sifu Adam Mizner. His system is all about sinking the Qi to then be able to mobilise it throughout the body via the cultivation of Song, Ting and eventually Jin. (release, awareness and internal power). The deepest aspects of this art that to many outsiders seem mystical and unbelievable, Adam can explain and demonstrate very clearly. And more importantly he shares the specific methods to develop it yourself. After training directly with Sifu Adam I have found his system to hold the true wisdom and internal secrets of Taiji that are the very reason I started this great art so many years ago. He teaches the Nei Gong that none of the others taught me. It’s not to say they didn’t know how to cultivate the internal aspects of the training but these things are often not shared openly. This makes Sifu Adam Mizner a rare combination of a master that has the skill and also openly teaches you how to build it for yourself. It requires diligence and perseverance but anyone who is willing to put in the work sincerely over time can achieve it.

I will always have a deep respect and appreciation for what I learned from the first 3 masters I trained under. Now I am extremely grateful to have found and been welcomed into this wonderful system with in my opinion one of the highest living expressions of the internal skills of Taijiquan that we have in Sifu Adam who openly shares the true essence and secrets of this often illusive and mysterious art. I’m honoured to now contribute towards demystifying it for a few more people. To arrive home and complete such a long search for the internal wisdom of Taijiquan was a relief and an inspiring step forward in the development of this art for me and for my students being able to learn and be part of the worldwide community of the awesome Heaven Man Earth International Taijiquan school.

I’m excited to share this fulfilling internal practice and it’s many practical benefits for improved health, spirituality and martial art with as many people as I can.

Julius Lutero.

Some of my achievements include:

2018 – Australian National Push Hands Runner Up Grand Champion, gold medal winner of Push Hands weight class, gold medal Chen Style Practical Method Form, gold medal Yang Style Sabre (broadsword)

2016 – Gold medal Wu Style Form, gold medal Yang Style Sabre

2009 – Western Australian State Tai Chi Champion with gold medals for Yang style Form, Sword and Sabre

2007 – Western Australian State Tai Chi Champion with gold medals for Yang style Form, Sword and Sabre

With Sifu Adam Mizner at his 7 day Taiji Training Camp in Prague. The week that changed my path of Taiji and woke me up to the true meanings of so many of the catch phrases that get spoken about in Taiji. And where I discovered the missing magic ingredient of Nei Gong that frankly without it Taiji becomes just another exercise that does less for you than most exercises. But with it, it becomes something truly special, unique and powerful that you can build upon and deepen more and more as time goes on.

Other things I have studied include :

Music, Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Boxing, Kicking, Stretching, Hypnosis, Equilibration Process, Reiki, basic Quantum Physics, Universal Laws, basic Chinese Medicine, Chinese language and various other self development and healing modalities.

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“Julius brings that special something to his Taiji classes making him a standout instructor. I wholeheartedly recommend him as he is versed in both the philosophical and martial aspects of this wonderful art.”

James • Taiji teacher

“Training with Julius has been great! He has a wealth of knowledge about how to approach the internal stuff. Anyone who is seriously thinking about learning Taijiquan should come and train with him!”

David • Student

“I’ve been looking to study taichi for years but haven’t come across the right teacher as there’s lots of fakes out there. I’m sooooo glad that I found Julius in Perth, and Adam of course, as they are 1000000% legit!!”

Ken • Student