Develop Internal Taiji Skill

Improve your health and leave every class feeling great!

Classes are in Perth, Western Australia and run :

  • Thursdays  6:30pm – 8:30pm  Castellorizian House, 160 Anzac Rd, Mount Hawthorn, WA.
  • Saturdays  9am – 11am   Menzies Reserve (park), Mount Hawthorn, WA. In the pavilion in the NE corner.

No experience necessary. All training is safe for all. You are welcome to join us anytime!

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“Julius brings that special something to his Taiji classes making him a standout instructor. I wholeheartedly recommend him as he is versed in both the philosophical and martial aspects of this wonderful art.”

James • Taiji Teacher

“Training with Julius has been great! He has a wealth of knowledge about how to approach the internal stuff. Anyone who is seriously thinking about learning Taijiquan should come and train with him!”

David • Student

“My practice has benefited greatly from individual private lessons with Julius, allowing us the time and space to focus on the parts I need help with. I would strongly recommend private lessons to any new or existing students, definitely worth it!

Mike • Student

Class Payment Options

Discount Intro Class

$22 for 2 hour class

First class only

Discount Intro Class

1 class per week

$28 per 2 hour class

$112 monthly payment

1 class per week

2 classes per week

$28 per 2 hour class
$22 for the second class

$200 monthly payment

2 classes per week

There is an additional annual membership fee to Heaven Man Earth International of
$99 USD for all ongoing students due to be paid 1 month after commencement.

Payable —> HERE

 A FREE 1 hr private lesson with Julius is included with your membership!

*All students doing the Discover Taiji online course are exempt from this fee.*
(And are still required
to create a membership at no cost)

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2hr class $30


Casual Class

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1hr  $100

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Head Instructor Julius Lutero

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Annual membership is required for all ongoing students of Heaven Man Earth Perth. This is your exchange with Sifu for having direct access to his cutting edge internal art teaching methods. Membership to Heaven Man Earth International is $99 U.S. per year  —> PAYABLE HERE 

* This annual membership fee is waived for anyone doing the Discover Taiji online course *

Payment of your annual membership includes :

  • A FREE 1 hour private lesson With head instructor Julius values at $100

Ongoing students doing Discover Taiji are still required to create a membership at no cost by creating an account HERE and choosing Julius Lutero as your teacher to become part of the West Australian branch of Heaven Man Earth International. (Your Heaven Man Earth account is separate to your Discover Taiji account but use the same email address for both and create a username and password).

Private Lessons

*Anyone attending weekly private lessons that is ALSO doing the Discover Taiji online course gets access to 1 FREE class per week !

48 hours notice via email is required for private lesson cancellations. With notice given a lesson can be rescheduled. With less than 48 hours notice payment is forfeited unless sick or an emergency.


Over the Christmas break we run some free Push Hands training sessions and a Christmas party at no cost. It’s our way of saying thank you to our members, and keeping continuity in the training, and nice way to enjoy catching up socially too.


Classes run for 2 hours. The first hour consists of the Fundamental aspects of training that create personal transformation. The second hour is Push Hands partner training to develop the 8 energies of Taiji and to develop an understanding of the applications and martial skill.

*To attend the 2nd hour of partner training it is compulsory that students attend the first hour of Fundamental training.*


  • No lock in contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • Fees are direct debited recurring monthly
  • Payments can be cancelled at any time by contacting
  • No refunds for missed classes. It’s up to you to keep track of any classes missed and make them up at a different class location anytime you can.  
  • Classes missed due to being sick or an emergency are credited to you for future attendance
  • Classes are ongoing throughout the year with a 4 week break over Christmas and New Year
  • No refunds for completing a month early unless due to sickness or an emergency

Common Questions

What Style is it?
It is Authentic Yang style Taiji following the direct teachings of Sifu Adam Mizner. His system is based from the lineages of Huang Sheng Shyan and Yang Shoa Hou. The Huang Sheng Shyan is the doorway to the internal skill developing Ting and Song. Then when you graduate from that you work on the Yang Shao Hou system which is considered the oldest form of Yang family Taijiquan available today.  More info —> here

Do I need any Taiji or martial art background? 
No, you can come and join in anytime and we will assist you relative to where you are at; whether you are a complete beginner or someone with extensive experience.

Is it difficult?
It takes diligence and perseverance to cultivate the benefits and achieve improved health and skill. Daily practice is recommended for best results. That being said it is accessible to everyone because of the releasing nature of the movements and because the partner training is done co-operatively and calmly with your partner making it safe for all.

What do I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing. Members often wear the Heaven Man Earth t-shirt.

What happens at class?
The first hour focuses on the fundamentals that really create the inner transformation. Opening exercises to open up the joints and release the muscles, standing postures to sink the Qi, Song Gong to deepen the loosening of the body in dynamic motion, then Taiji form (sequence of Taiji movements); revising what we know, making corrections and/or learning another move in the sequence.
The second hour is Push Hands. Partner training drills to develop sensitivity, awareness and martial understanding. To attend the second hour it is compulsory you attend the first hour.

Are There Levels?
Yes within the first Earth level there are 8 grades with specific training goals including Taiji Form, Song Gong, various exercises and Partner Training requirements that need to be met in each level before being assessed to qualifying for the next level. Gaining good development in the fundamentals is key to having success with the internal work and higher level skills that come afterward. Then there is also the Man level and Heaven level. 

“Discovering Taiji is the path of letting go. Letting go of tension, preconceptions, old habits and attachments to how we think it should be. What is left is balance, strength, longevity, internal health; and if done diligently and correctly martial art skill.”

Julius Lutero - Heaven Man Earth Perth