We provide Tai Chi classes where you can train all aspects of the internal Taijiquan system. Yang style adhering to the results based practical system and clear methods of Sifu Adam Mizner; the worlds foremost leader in teaching and demonstrating the internal skills of Tajiquan.

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Discount Intro Class

Come and experience the peace and release you feel after one of our Tai Chi classes with a discount off the usual fee for your first class.  

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1 Month Thailand Intensive

After the 1 month Thailand Taiji Intensive with Sifu Adam Mizner; I have a whole new depth and clarity of wisdom to share with my students from a whole month of his profound teachings and instruction! All who attended experienced clear shifts in their level and understanding of the direction and purpose of this deep and valuable internal training. With everyone displaying clear improvements in posture, openness and skill; we have so much goodness to integrate and assimilate over the coming months. It was hard earned but we all jumped levels in a month that would have taken years or more to achieve without Sifu and his seniors direct hands on transmission every day through the month. For information about the next one head here.

Training With Sifu Adam Mizner

I attended the May, 2022 Prague Taiji training camp then spent time in Turkey doing some private training with Sifu Adam. It was hands down the best training trip of my life by a mile! I received such clear direct instruction that I can now pass on to my students here. And to feel his power and skill was something beyond anything I have experienced in all my years of training with numerous different Masters. The power of a lion and the skill of a ghost!

Left to right – Andy Mack, Duran Mack, Adam Mizner, Julius Lutero, Gabriel Mizner

What is Taiji?

Taiji is a holistic exercise for the body, mind and soul that comes from thousands of years of studying how the universe works and how we can best live in harmony with it. It’s a traditional Chinese martial art based on the principles of Yin and Yang. Daily training of specific methods facilitate release, cultivate Yin and build your Qi to eventually create the harmony of Yin and Yang and a state of central equilibrium within you. The side effects of this path are peace, happiness, spiritual development, improved health, flexibility and martial skill.

Classes :

Thursdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Castellorizian House, 160 Anzac Rd, Mount Hawthorn

Saturdays 9am – 11am @ Menzies Park, Mount Hawthorn – NW corner or in the pavillion if it’s wet

Perth, Western Australia

You’re welcome anytime to come and feel the benefits of this great internal art for yourself.

Discount Intro Class
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