HME Tai Chi Workshop Tour 2024

To open your body, build your Qi and cultivate internal power 

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Tokyo – Oct 19
Singapore Nov 2, 3
Perth Nov 9, 10
Sydney Nov 16, 17
Byron Bay Nov 23, 24
Melbourne Nov 30, Dec 1
Auckland Dec 7, 8

At This Workshop You’ll Learn :

  • Internal principles to sink and build Qi

  • Posture and stance for stability and power

  • How to open and release the inner body

  • Internal Nei Gong methods

  • Partner drills and applications

  • With specialised teaching from Paul McIntyre; a senior Instructor under Taiji Master Adam Mizner

Gain access to the teachings of the worlds foremost leader in teaching and demonstrating the internal skill and power of Taijiquan. Pictured here Taiji Master Sifu Adam Mizner.


Places are limited.
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10am – 4pm each day
With a 1 hour lunch break

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Meet Your Teacher


Paul is a senior instructor of the Heaven Man Earth Tai Chi branch school in Tokyo. He is a direct student of HME founder Sifu Adam Mizner. Paul’s experience in qigong, neigong and meditation as well as various martial arts including natural fist Boxing, Kungfu, Muay-Thai, Aiki Jujitsu, Tai Chi and the Chinese Internal Martial Arts span decades. He is also a Remedial Massage Therapist and Bone-Setter making him an expert in understanding the tissue, fascial networks and structural alignment of the body. His depth of cultivation and dedication to the internal arts is rare and nothing short of inspiring. And his ability to transmit intricate concepts clearly and simply allows students to gain directly from the deep wellspring of internal skill and wisdom he has embodied.

Improve Yourself – Mind Body Soul

This workshop is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of internal martial art training and how it cultivates greater health, martial art skill and higher spiritual pursuit. Regardless if you are a new beginner or have many years of experience; these skills will enhance whatever you do from meditation to tennis!

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