Learn online directly from Sifu Adam Mizner

Discover Taiji is a weekly online video course that gives you clear step by step training from the beginning to advanced methods of Sifu Adam Mizner’s comprehensive internal Taijiquan system.

For students of Taiji who are coming to class it is still recommended that you join the Discover Taiji online course to also learn directly from Sifu Adam Mizner. Being at class regularly is important because it gives you an opportunity to touch the teacher to get the feeling of what you are aiming for, and to get specific corrections for where you are at. That being said learning directly from the Master is also very valuable and a perfect adjunct to your path of development.

If you don’t live in Perth then Discover Taiji is a great opportunity for you to still be able to learn and train all the internal secrets of this great art. If you are in a different state or country the Affiliates page link at the bottom will tell you where there is a Heaven Man Earth class operating near you.

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