“I am black belt in BJJ and have been training martial arts for over half of my life, so I know what it feels like to move around and be moved by other bodies. There is a unique quality to the force that Julius is able to impart, as well as a quality of being deeply rooted to the earth which is tangible when you touch him. This is something I have never before encountered and which I find fascinating, and has convinced me of the validity of the “internal arts.”

Brodie – black belt Brazilian Ju Jitsu instructor

“Julius is a competent, dedicated and powerful Taiji instructor certified by Sifu Adam Mizner. You will not find many Taiji players with more skill or level of release (song) than Julius. I highly recommend training with him if you want to learn how to rid your body and mind of tension, develop martial skill and optimal posture and health!”

Richard – Reallusion Productions

“My experience training at Heaven Man Earth Perth has been truly profound! Julius has an infectious passion for this art and is open and extremely willing to share his wealth of knowledge with his students. I have been able to experience first hand, the benefits to my health, as well my personal and professional life. This is a real gift and worthwhile exploring for everyone!”

Brett – dental technician

“As a total Tai Chi beginner I decided to do the Introductory Course with Julius. It was a great experience and far surpassed my expectations. Julius has an amazing depth of knowledge and is a wonderful teacher who is very caring, patient and supportive. I highly recommend this as a wonderful Introductory Course”

“This is an excellent school. Julius teaches details of cultivating internal energy, and how to use the martial aspects of Tai Chi. These are things that are rarely taught, and Julius teaches with a great deal of care and precision. He is also generous and motivating. I have been receiving private tuition as well as attending group classes. I am also enrolled in the Discover Taiji online course, taught by Adam Mizner. This is the perfect combination. I find that I am learning things that I have spent years looking for. Highly recommended.”

Trent – psychologist

“I’ve been looking to study taichi for years but haven’t come across the right teacher as theres lots of fakes out there. I’m sooooo glad that I found Julius in Perth (and Adam of course) as they are 10000000% legit!! Julius was extremely patient given I was new with a million questions. Julius was also very genuine/down to earth/open that really makes the learning so much smoother and easier. I would strongly recommend ANYONE to learn from Sifu Julius!!!”
Ken – entrepreneur

“Two years ago, as a complete beginner, I started learning Tai Chi and training regularly with Julius and the other people at HME Perth. I am very grateful to Julius for being such a caring, patient, and generous teacher! He is so passionate about his craft and passing on his knowledge and skills to help me develop mine. I am also inspired by my fellow classmates, seeing them enjoying the training and getting results as well. Practising this internal art has without a doubt, improved both my physical and mental health and made a significant positive difference to my life. I cannot advocate enough how good one’s mind and body feels after a class. The classes are fun, and I really recommend anyone and everyone to try it for themselves to reap the benefits.”

Winnie – Japanese teacher

“I have long wanted to try Tai Chi and I was not disappointed. Julius’ teaching style was patient, helpful, clear, knowledgeable and informative. Definitely would recommend learning from Julius.”


“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed a 2 hour workshop led by Julius. It was fun, relaxing and a good gentle workout too. Julius explains things really well and has an excellent teaching style. We’re looking forward to taking more classes in the future.”

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