My experience of attending the first HME 1 month Thailand Intensive is that it has allowed me inside the door of internal Taiji training for the first time since I began searching for that 18 years ago. I had journeyed through 3 other styles of Taiji looking for internal skill to the point where I was almost ready to give it up. So I had a lot of previous Taiji experience which makes my situation a bit different from others just starting out. To then have almost 4 years training in Sifu Adams system. The experience in Thailand was intense and bursting with endless corrections and information downloads amidst lots of hard training.

(The video is best digested on the big screen)

I could go on for hours about the specific things I learned there but really it has been from the months after it training and integrating all of what was digested that I found the beginning of the Taiji creature and the purpose of the training. And finally after all that looking, an understanding of what Taiji is and how to train so that I am heading towards it correctly. Or as correctly as one can at any given time. There is certainly something profoundly transformational about immersing into that training for 1 month full time that I have never experienced from any other training before. As they said it would; you jump years in your development. Compared to just normal solo training. Which of course is crucial and what allows you to get it when you’re there. But everyone gets loads relative to where they are at, from Sifu and from all the different seniors that are helping constantly throughout the month. It was this combination of care and generosity with information, and corrections specific to you all month long that accumulated into a huge download of direction and wisdom, in all areas of life that made the month such a clear transformation. Literally physically as well as internally and spiritually too. I also saw that in everyone else that attended, each in their own way relative to where they were at. It seems the bigger you go in this training the bigger the rewards. Many thanks to Sifu and the crew.  🙏  ☯︎
From Julius.

* Apologies to Peter (in the video). He is from Vietnam not Malaysia.