Taichi Training Camp

Sifu Adam Mizner has week long training camps coming up this year! One in Prague May 1 – 6 and one in Milwaukee July 17 – 23.

To book your spot head here :  https://workshops.heavenmanearth.com/  

After training 3 different styles of Taiji then attending Sifu Adam’s training camp I honestly learned more about internal Taiji skill and training methods than I had done studying Taiji for the previous 15 years! The teachings were a total eye opener and it was so refreshing to train with a community of people that are studying the Nei Gong, Push Hands and adhering to the internal elements of the Taiji training. Which sadly is missing in so many Taiji systems theses days. Needles to say I came home very inspired and filled up from the information, training and wonderful experience. 

If you are able to I highly recommend attending one of these. It’s something you will always treasure along your path of learning. 

From Julius