The 1 month Thailand intensive with Sifu Adam Mizner has been something to behold on many levels! So much progress for everyone that has attended. With hard training for real results, super clear instruction; and many talks that have provided so much clarity and direction for the path of cultivation and the path of Taijiquan for which we are all extremely grateful.

It has been a great experience meeting more good people training this system from all around the world. Some lovely new friendships made and an expansion of my Taiji family. Still 1 more week to go so I will write again upon my return back to Australia after the dust settles from this huge month of training.

In our lunch break Richard, Alex and myself went to the stunning Promthep Cape lookout and filmed this. Training the push hands elements of Stick, Adhere, Join, Follow to develop connection and union with the partner. And training towards Zhong Ding with adding pressure and unpredictability in order to stay calm amidst the uncertainty. 

Okay I have fallen in love wth Thailand.  😊

From Julius, head instructor, Heaven Man Earth Perth.


p.s  Since being back from Thailand, check out Richards amazing, eloquent and engaging write up of this method!