VIDEO. Here is Sifu Adam Mizner demonstrating a few of the many possible applications of the ‘Part Horses Mane’ movement from the Taiji form. It is important to note that the efficacy of applying these movements will depend entirely on the quality and the level of the internal skill and power one has accumulated over time in their Taiji training. Without the internal skill and power this is just a movement and isn’t necessarily much different from any other movement that can be done with any other martial art. The true treasure and skill of Taiji is not in the actual postures or movements but in the transformation that occurs along the way. This transformation and accumulation is what can give the Taiji essence to ANY kind of movement.

That being said it is also great to see how to specifically apply the Taiji movements with a partner and at faster speed as demonstrated here. In this case the energy of ‘Lie’ or ‘Split’ is being used and the strike is being done with the forearm. This was one of the characteristics of the old Yang style method as it provides more power with less risk as there are no little bones in the forearm that can be damaged like in the hand. We are very lucky to have direct access to this kind of specific knowledge from Sifu Adam Mizner. If you would like to learn more for yourself first hand get in touch for a free consult or see our class schedule here.