Prague Awakening!

With Adam Mizner at the 7 Day Prague Intensive Taiji Training Camp.

After attending an amazing 7 day Taiji Quan training camp in Prague; this man has reminded me exactly why I began Taiji in the first place 15 years ago! He taught us the true essence of Taiji that makes it unique, special and truly an internal art. He gave us the tools to develop the internal skill that has been missing from all the other Taiji styles I have previously studied. It shouldn’t have been missing but it was! Taiji is about moving the Qi through your body using a specific process to fill you up while you develop the skill to be able to mobilise it. Without this it is really just a relaxed version of an external art. Which we can see at any high level of physical movement, like a professional tennis player or a basket baller when they are in the zone; they are relaxed and powerful but it is still not Taiji.

I have much gratitude for this man showing up in my life and correcting my trajectory to save me wasting any more years training without the true special sauce that makes Taiji Quan such an amazing and rewarding art form; and a path of true healing and self development. A huge thank you to Sifu Adam Mizner. If you are serious about Taiji do yourself a favour and make sure you attend at least one of his workshops to discover and feel for yourself the true essence of this great art!