Latest Past Events

Free Taiji Workshop

Bendat Parent And Community Centre 36 Dodd St, Wembley, Perth

Taiji Workshop where you will discover the principles, fundamentals, form and partner exercises from Sifu Adam Mizners Yang Style Taijiquan system. It is $20 but FREE to all students. If you have any family or friends you'd like to invite you can direct them here :  http://heavenmanearthperth.com.au/taiji-workshop/

Group Meditation

Herdsman Lake, Wembley

We will meet in the dirt carpark at the beautiful Herdsman Lake on the southern side in Wembley at 9:45am through to around 11am. We'll do a bit of Taiji form together, not a class, just practicing together to open the body and calm the mind, then a half hour meditation. Bring something comfortable to [...]

Push Hands Workshop

Calectasia Hall Greenwood

We are having a very special guest visit us to demonstrate and play Push Hands with us on Tuesday March 2nd at our usual class in Greenwood. Hi name is Eyal and he is the most senior disciple of Master Rocky Kwong of Wu Style Taiji here in Perth. I studied the Wu Style Taiji [...]

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