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We are having a very special guest visit us to demonstrate and play Push Hands with us on Tuesday March 2nd at our usual class in Greenwood. Hi name is Eyal and he is the most senior disciple of Master Rocky Kwong of Wu Style Taiji here in Perth. I studied the Wu Style Taiji Boxing and fighting applications with him for 3 and a half years so he has been a mentor and is now a good friend. With his 25 years of diligent and dedicated training directly under Rocky his skills are something quite amazing. A wonderful opportunity to see and feel a Taiji practitioner of very high level! Will will briefly chat about the differences and the many similarities between the Wu Style and the system we are learning under Sifu Adam. And then we will demonstrate and play some push hands with him. And there will be plenty of opportunity for you to get hands on experience with him for yourself. This is a rare opportunity to feel someone of such high skill that’s not to be missed!!

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