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Digital Privacy

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On your phone every keystroke, every page you visit, every click you make, every text you send, every voice message and every phone call, yes every phone call!! is all logged and databased by Apple or Google, depending if you have an iphone or an android. And you are constantly listened to and gps located because you have agreed to that in the terms and conditions of many of your apps. Even though that is actually illegal based on privacy and security laws. With every personal move that you make on your phone you have zero digital privacy!

Your attention is their commodity which is then sold to the highest bidder making them now the richest companies that have ever existed in the history of humanity. They know your favourite food, your personal conversations, your circle of friends, who you are closest to, your families occupations, your spiritual or religious beliefs, your favourite pass times, your kids activities and even your romantic preferences! All of this information is in the hands of these corporations that are above civil law because they operate within corporate law. Which means they can do whatever they want with your private personal information to serve their own means and agendas without any government or legal scrutiny.

Our digital privacy is our only power against the hugest global technocratic centralisation of power in history. These phones are decentralised and encrypted so that all of your personal data stays on your device and is yours and only yours. With this phone all of your private and personal interactions will no longer be tracked in real time and stored in their clouds for good!

It has the latest high quality specs with it’s camera, screen and battery. Equivalent to the latest iphone. I love mine and highly recommend you consider getting one so you can decentralise your daily personal interactions. Together as more and more of us get these we can take our power back from these mega corporations to create a more balanced future; rather than one where these unelected super powers control all of our private information and do as they wish with it completely unchecked. Thus creating a much better future where we reclaim and safely protect our constitutional freedom of privacy that we all deserve and are legally entitled to.

From Julius, HME Perth Taiji Instructor.

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To have it shipped to Australia there is a $215 customs fee for US products over $1000 to be released from customs. It came via Fedex in the US to Fedex Australia. Once I paid this fee it was released from customs in Sydney and arrived promptly a few days after. There are smaller, medium and large sized options of these phones. I got the medium sized one (which is a bit larger than my previous iphone 6) because it has a nice sized screen for viewing but is also still comfortable and slim to carry around. The smaller one would not incur this fee as it is under $1000 US.