Chi Is The Life Force That Flows Through You and Within Everything. Without It We Die.


As we age our life force is depleted.  We begin to feel and accept a tiredness that we associate with the pressures of life, work, relationships, poor health and ageing.  

In Western culture you are told to accept this tiredness as part of life and that the use of external treatments (such as medication, therapy and rigorous exercise) is the only way to treat your symptoms.

In Eastern culture you do not need to accept this.  Your internal strength and life force can be restored from within yourself using the energy cultivation of the Chinese Sword and the Martial Arts of Tai Chi. 

The sword is a symbol of masculine energy that brings forth your warrior spirit.  The metal of the sword conducts the Chi as an extension of your internal skill that in turn provides the spiritual inspiration you need to reclaim your vitality. 

The cultivation of Chi and mobilising it through the body enhances balance, focuses your mind and builds robust health and fullness of vitality inside your body.

The comradery of being among a like-minded community of men and the class environment helps to provide the discipline, structure, confidence and support on your path to inner strength and balance.  


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