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“I am black belt in BJJ and have been training martial arts for over half of my life, so I know what it feels like to move around and be moved by other bodies. There is a unique quality to the force that Julius is able to impart, as well as a quality of being deeply rooted to the earth which is tangible when you touch him. This is something I have never before encountered and which I find fascinating, and has convinced me of the validity of the “internal arts.”

“Julius is a competent, dedicated and powerful Taiji instructor certified by Sifu Adam Mizner. You will not find many Taiji players with more skill or level of release (song) than Julius. I highly recommend training with him if you want to learn how to rid your body and mind of tension, develop martial skill and optimal posture and health!  REALLUSION PRODUCTIONS

“My experience training at Heaven Man Earth Perth has been truly profound! Julius has an infectious passion for this art and is open and extremely willing to share his wealth of knowledge with his students. I have been able to experience first hand, the benefits to my health, as well my personal and professional life. This is a real gift and worthwhile exploring for everyone!” BRETT – STUDENT

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As a direct teacher under Tai Chi and Meditation expert Sifu Adam Mizner; Julius is the head instructor of Heaven Man Earth Perth; the Western Australian branch of Sifu Adam’s international Tai Chi school Heaven Man Earth International. Teaching and training the elements of the HME internal Tai Chi system in order to cultivate release, awareness and internal power. It is a complete system for spiritual development, robust health and internal Gong Fu development creating release throughout the body and with diligent training over time cultivating fullness of Qi. 

The Tai Chi video lesson will will give you a direct experience of how to start to cultivate these very valuable skills for yourself. Julius will guide you through the exercises that you can then do yourself which will deepen your internal awareness and start to release all of the bound up tissue in your body. Check in with how you feel before you start and when you finish to observe any changes that take place. 

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