Reserve Your Spot at our 4 Week Tai Chi Beginner Course with a 20% discount – 72 hours only!

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Deepen your skill and understanding of how to
Sink the Qi

Body Opening Set
to open and release all your joints

Jibengong Exercises
to co-ordinate the body internally
and externally for correct Taijiquan development

Taiji Form to bring together all of the internal elements of
training into one sophisticated exercise

Partner Training Drills to undo the fight or flight response from your nervous system and develop martial skill in a safe way

*Live in person training only for students in Perth, Western Australia*

Deepen your understanding in the upcoming 4 week Internal Tai Chi training beginner course and learn the Tai Chi exercises that create release in the body, calmness in the mind and start to fill the body with Qi which brings robust health over time. If you are new to Tai Chi you will be guided and supported from scratch. And if you have experience in other styles of Tai Chi then you will finally learn the internal elements that in my experience have been missing from all the other styles I have done.

Tai Chi training is something that requires personal practice at home in order to create the transformation in your body over time. If you only want to train once a week just at class then this is not for you. It is very suitable for people that have done Tai Chi or other martial arts before and no longer want to get injured but still want to cultivate internal power and develop internal skill that builds you up making you more full and robust. Which of course is an advantage for any other exercise or training that you apply it to.

Classes will run 6:30pm – 8:30pm Thursdays through August 3, 10, 17, 24. At Castellorizian House – 160 Anzac Rd. Mount Hawthorn. Taught by Julius Lutero, a direct teacher of Sifu Adam Mizner’s comprehensive Yang Style internal Taijiquan system.